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Choosing the perfect outfit

Picking the perfect outfit means finding a balanced look for your body shape and dressing to flatter your body. So, how exactly do you do that?

– Keep in mind that you should buy the right size of clothes that fits properly. Put on the right clothes to emphasize your best body parts and to create the look of a very fit body. Bring the right amount of layers and match your clothes.

– You should check the quality of the fabrics before buying to avoid quick wearing-off or what might happen if you are suffering from any kind of fabric-related-skin-sensitivity.

– Don’t blindly follow fashion, just follow what suits you. Avoid belts unless you have a slim waist. Be careful not to wear too clingy outfits or too baggy, this will not flatter your looks at all.

– Always use accessories carefully and wisely, wear just one item and that will be your attention piece. Make sure to appropriately add texture, pattern or sign; add jewelry or a scarf. Put on the right shoes according to the occasion and your outfit.

– Every problem in your body shape has a solution. For a pear shaped body, add volume to your shoulder to minimize your hips. For a rectangle shaped body, create curves and show off your arms and legs. For an hourglass shaped body, don’t wear baggy clothes. And for an apple shaped body, create the illusion of a longer body shape.

– The occasion dictates your appearance and clothes. For a casual day out, don’t over dress or under dress. Base your look on comfortable fibers, like jeans, cotton and cardigans. For a wedding, don’t use cotton, or jeans. At work, don’t go wearing a see-through outfit.
Choosing your outfit wisely will make you feel more confident and relaxed.

Choosing the perfect outfit

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