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Your child is obese? Read these tips to help him lose weight

Every mother is keen on the health of her family. You may feel worried if you notice that your child’s weight is not in line with his age and height. If your child is obese, you may be looking for radical solutions to solve this problem in order to avoid exposure to many diseases and health problems. Here are some important tips for the whole family, not just to help your child lose weight and stay fit.

*Staying away from bad habits: In addition to the food, some bad habits that are applied in your house affect your child’s weight, such as prolonged sitting in front of the TV or browsing the internet. Therefore, you should put laws for each of your family members to limit the allowed time for these activities.

*Dealing with spare time: Leisure hours and holidays are not of little importance at all. They are good opportunities to go out and do some family activities that encourage physical movement.

Even if the weather is not a good one for going out, you may plan some indoor activities that require movement so that your child will do some exercises while playing without being aware of it.

*Emotional support: Do you know that some cases of obesity are caused by eating disorder because of the child’s feeling of frustration or inability to express negative feelings? He sees food as a way to comfort and not as a necessity or satisfaction.

To help him overcome this problem, you should give him emotional support to feel that there is no need to resort to this harmful way and also you should help him express himself freely.

Your child is obese Read these tips to help him lose weight

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