Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

I don’t know about you guys but lately Every time I go shopping I stop and wonder In the poultry meat sections, sometimes I buy chicken as a change and most of the times I don’t want to buy it, lately as I bite into my homemade chicken nuggets or even any regular baked chicken I feel the chicken taste weird and unusual, I feel like I’m biting into this string tasteless meat no matter how long I marinate it for.

A few days ago I read on the news headlines that most of the chicken meat sold in the USA contain arsenic over ,75% of the chicken sold in your regular grocery shop contain a cancer causing substance.
It was shocking for me to know that the FDA finally admits that this cancer causing toxic chemical arsenic is deliberately put in chicken feeds to give store bought chicken the bright healthy color and plump look.

The FDA asked a Pfizer to stop the manufacturing of this arsenic containing drug, Roxarson which was found in almost half of the livers of all the tested chickens.

According to the Wall Street Journal “the agency has recently conducted a study of 100 broiler chicken which detected higher levels of arsenic in the livers of chicken treated with 3-Nitro than chickens that are not treated with the drug.

Pfizer claimed that the sale of 3-Nitro will be stopped by early July in order to give the farmers enough time to transit to other treatments. This sudden request by the FDA is surprising in itself as the agency has always reassured people that arsenic levels in chicken are very low and at a safe level of consumption by humans.

This chemical substance arsenic has been proven to be very dangerous for human health and causes an array of neurological defects I’m developing fetuses, beside increasing the risk of cancerous cells growth.

So the next time you are going to shop for chicken meat try to aim for organic chicken which is free of all this added chemicals.
If the chicken meat is very pink in an unnatural way avoid it also if the skin of the chicken is gray pasty stay away from that chicken.

Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

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