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Cheap Weight Loss Foods You Are Not Eating

When you decide to lose weight the first thing you tend to do is head right to the grocery shop and fill up your kitchen with expensive foods that you think can help you lose weight, while organic kale, quinoa and cold pressed juices can help you lose weight yes, they will definitely break your budget, there are many other options that are simple, cheap, low in calories, high in nutrients and you are overlooking for sure, if you want to find out cheap and healthy food items you can indulge in without breaking your budget read on.

1- Iceberg Lettuce.

Iceberg lettuce can be found in almost any grocery shop at any time of the year, it is filling, rich in fiber and very low in calories, one cup of chopped Iceberg lettuce only contain only seven calories, so you can double the size of your salad and fill up your sandwich with less than ten calories, its taste is also very mild, so you can make a large bowl of salad and add your favorite low fat dressing and it will catch on the flavor of the dressing.

2- Radish.

Radish is super low in calories, imagine one large radish only contain one calorie, you can add it to your salad, add more fiber to your diet for almost no calories and alot of nutrients, it is easy to store in your fridge and can be used almost with anything even with sandwiches.

3- Cauliflower.

Cauliflower can make a healthy and cheap substitute to rice in your meals, you can learn to make cauliflower rice or even make pizza crust from cauliflower, it is increasing in popularity and there are many interesting recipes for cauliflower on the internet you can try right away, one cup serving of cauliflower provide you with only 25

4- Chick Peas.

Chick peas is a must have part of anybody who is trying to lose weight diet, it is rich in protein, low in calories and very filling, half a cup of cooked chick peas provide you with only 130 calories and will keep you full for long time.
Cheap Weight Loss Foods Eating

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