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Causes For Teeth Enamel Loss

In a previous article we described that the teeth enamel is the outer white layer of the teeth, and we explained the symptoms of enamel loss and how to identify the case. In this article we will discuss the causes of enamel loss so you avoid them.

1- Abrasion Plays A Role In Enamel Loss.
Abrasion is the wear and tear that happen to your teeth over time in result of scraping hard objects on the teeth like biting nails or any other hard object that is not food, brushing your teeth too hard with a harsh bristle tooth brush could also lead to enamel loss.

2- Teeth Grinding.
Teeth grinding is another cause of enamel loss, when the teeth get in contact with each other harshly they have the force to wear down the enamel of each tooth, also chewing on hard foods like hard candies and ice could put too much stress on your teeth and cause them to loose their enamel surface.

3- Consuming Acidic Drinks And Foods.
When you drink or eat acidic things, your teeth enamel begin to become softer, outing your teeth in contact with this acid levels on daily basis will leave the teeth surface soft for long time allowing damage to occur.
Acidic foods and drinks include carbonated beverages, drinks or foods with high acidic level like Lemon, orange, tomato or vinegar. Alcohol and energy drinks.

4- Eating Sticky Foods.
When you eat sticky foods like candies and they stick to your teeth, they start producing acid on the tooth surface and because they are stuck to the tooth that prevent the saliva which is a neutralizing agent from reaching the surface of the tooth which leave a big chance for damage to be done to the tooth surface.

5- Some Medications.
Some medications like anti-histamin, aspirin, asthma medicine and chewable vitamin C are all acidic in nature which cause the teeth enamel to wear down.

Causes For Teeth Enamel Loss

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