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What are the causes for feeling tired all the time?

As a matter of fact some things you do or do not do can make you feel always tired, and lack of sleep is one of many reasons. Here, we are going to talk about the habits that can exhaust you mentally and physically, and the tips for more vitality and activity.

If you think skipping exercise can save you energy, you are wrong as this actually works against you. Sedentary people who start exercising regularly for few weeks find out that exercise enhances their endurance and strength, and they feel less tired and more energized. So, if you have the desire to crash on your bed, you better at least go for a walk.

Another good reason for feeling tired is when you do not drink enough water and fluids, which makes your blood thicker, and consequently your heart pumps less efficiently which means that nutrients and oxygen do not reach your organs and tissues fast enough.

You should pay attention to your iron intake- such as nuts, lean beef, eggs and kidney beans- because iron deficiency makes you feel not only tired but weak and less focused as well. Foods rich in iron should be paired with vitamin C foods because vitamin C boosts iron absorption. Nonetheless, iron deficiency can be due to a bigger health problem for which you should visit a doctor.

If you are a perfectionist trying to be perfect all the time and setting goals that are difficult to achieve, then you work harder and longer than necessary, and this of course exhausts you, so you better set a time limit on your projects to avoid taking unnecessary extra time.

Moreover, you get mentally and physically exhausted, if you feel anxiety due to the bad thoughts you think of and expecting the worst to occur; there are good solutions like getting outdoors, exercising or meditating not to mention sharing your thoughts with a good friend to help you become more realistic.

causes for feeling tired all the time

What are the causes for feeling tired all the time What are the causes for feeling tired all the time

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