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Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss

Do you notice yourself losing more hair than you think is normal? Hair experts say that losing anywhere between 50 to 250 strands a day is considerably normal, however losing anymore than that can be noticeable by yourself and others after a short time, not only men can get bald, women too can get batches of they scalp uncovered with hair which can be prevented if you get to find put the reason for your hair fall and how to treat it at the right time.

-What Causes Hair Thinning.

The best way to reduce or prevent your hair fall is putting your hand on the reason which can be one of the following.
Genetic, stress, pregnancy, over consumption of vitamin A, Anemia, huge weight loss, autoimmune disease, psoriasis, menopause, etc.
So if you have lost a lot of weight lately, you are pregnant or have been under a lot of stress then that can explain your hair fall, the other causes will require medical testing to prove so you need to make a doctor appointment and try to discover the reason for your hair thinning.
Fortunately, hair thinning can easily be remedied at home, let us go through the following home remedies for hair fall that you can try at your home right away.

1- Give Your Hair A Break.

If you notice losing more hair than you are comfortable with it could be as a result of too much heat or wrong hair products, flat ironing, hot curlers and hair driers strip moist out of your hair, which makes the strands weak and life less and easier to fall, instead of styling your hair using heat learn new hair styles that don’t require heat.
The worse damage can happen to your hair if you use a lot of different hair care products or frequently coloring your hair.

2- Eat A Healthy Diet.

If you are eating a poor diet that is not rich with enough vitamins and minerals that your body needs your hair will be a great sign for that, you need to eat foods that are rich with iron such as liver, red meat, spinach, beans and leafy vegetables. As well as zinc that you can find in seafood, nuts, pumpkin seeds, wheatgerm and spinach.

3- Don’t Wash Your Hair With Hot Water.

While this technique is not sure to help but what it hurts to try? Instead of using hot water to wash your hair opt to use cold water as it is believed to make the hair look thicker and of more volume.

4- Use Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is rich with substances that are great to promote the growth of the hair and at the same time nourish the existing hair and make it healthier and shinier. You can grow an aloe vera plant at your own home and just blend up the help of two big leafs with three tablespoons of coconut oil to make your own hair conditioner.

5- Use Oil Treatment.

Certain oils can give you a similar result to that aloe vera gives you, you can try jojoba oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, emu oil they are all believed to promote the healthy growth of the hair, opt to heat the oil up a little bit before you apply it to your hair which guarantee even more benefits.

6- Avoid Stress.

You can be under tremendous stress and you are unaware. Stress can be the reason for your hair fall, to fix the problem give yourself sometime to clear your mind up and think of effective methods to avoid stress. Practicing relaxing techniques like yoga and meditating can help you avoid stress.

Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss

Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss Causes And Solutions Of Hair Loss

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