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4 Things You Should Be Careful About When Choosing Jewelry

All women love to have some “bling-bling” on their ears, arms, wrists and necks from time to time. And although all women have varied principles on choosing these accessories, all of them can make mistakes that could be costly.

It is granted that humans learn from their mistakes, but jewelry mistakes can cost you so much that it is better to learn from others’ experience, and you will find this experience right here in this article.

1- One of the things you should avoid as a grownup woman when choosing jewelry is icons and pictures of cartoon characters. You know, all these things with their flashy colors, cartoonish butterfly and the Minnie mouse bow ribbons. It will look good on your niece, not on you.

2- If you are going to spend money on jewelry, you might as well choose gold. Maybe you would answer, “why the hell should I? I rather buy a new smartphone” However, gold doesn’t get less shiny or cheaper with age. So your gold piece will stay as gorgeous all the time and you can consider it an investment. Plus, it doesn’t cause skin allergies like other metals do.

3- Enamel art can look gorgeous on many things, including jewelry. However, it can look cheap as well. Therefore, inspect the jewelry you are buying carefully if it has enamel work. They look as if you had some free time and decided to try manicuring your jewelry.

4- Pick the picture, not the original. In clearer terms, do not buy bracelets and necklaces that have real feathers or animal bones on them. They don’t look good compared to pendants of bone and feather designs. Moreover, many people don’t think highly of wearing the original things and might consider you in favor of cruelty against animals. Also the real thing is very flimsy.

Things You Should Be Careful About When Choosing Jewelry

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