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You may not know that your hobby, which you can do for hours and not get bored, can help you become your own boss and quit your boring job. A 33-year-old woman, called Antonia Kime, was about to sell her engagement ring and Rolex to a local jeweler to save her family perfect home that was about to be taken away after months of financial struggle.

She knew baking was her only way out; she baked 1000 cupcakes and sold them to cafes and local businesses, and she made business cards to give people. She raised £14,000 during the first three months of starting her baking business, which later got big that she hired some people. Thanks to her baking hobby, Mrs. Kime could save her home.

Another story is Daniel Arnold who enjoys taking photos with his iPhone just anywhere he sees a perfect scene for a good photograph. After capturing these nice scenes, he would upload them on Instagram and he gained more than 22,000 followers.

Once, he decided to sell prints of his photos for $150 apiece and he said he would close the offer after 24 hours. For his surprise, orders were so many that he could not handle them, and after the 24 hours orders kept coming. He regretted that he never thought about selling his photos before then. If you are a good photographer, you can start offering photography services or sell your photos on Etsy.

Blogging is another hobby that can be turned into money- making machine; blogs like Lifehacker and Mashable have made their founders rich and famous. The key of successful blogging is to give people high quality information they will not find anywhere else and to focus on one or two subjects.

In PerezHilton, Mario Armando focused on celebrity gossip and within a short time his blog was receiving millions of page views per month.


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