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Caffiene To Stimulate Hair Growth

A study was conducted recently published by the “International Journal of Dermatology” that caffeine significantly stimulates hair growth and can therefore have a major role in the treatment of hair loss and alopecia disease caused by genetics or some skin diseases, and it is a safe and effective treatment that does not contain side effects such as pharmaceuticals and other chemical treatments.

The study was conducted on 14 participants of men in an early stage of hair loss, half of the participants got injected in the hair follicles with DHT hormone that deficiency cause hair loss and the others with Caffiene , the results showed that, those who were injected with Caffiene grew hair faster and larger.

– How Much Caffiene We Need To Treat Hair Loss?
Unfortunately doctors discovered that the few cups of coffee we drink daily is not enough to grow hair, you will need bout 60 cups of coffee a day or the equivalent for 6000 mg of Caffiene which is the sufficient amount to grow hair and have a heart attack.

– Well then What Is The Solution?
There are many hair products that contain Caffiene, however most of those products don’t contain enough caffeine to stimulate hair growth, so we brought you an easy way you can create your own nourishing hir Mask that contain Caffiene to stimulate hair growth.

-The ingredients you will need are:-
Two full tablespoons of natural unflavored coffee, one large egg and two tablespoons of honey.

Mix Ingredients together and apply to your hair for at least 30 minutes and maximum 2 hours, wrap up your hir with cling film or shower cap.
Wsh your hair with lukewarm water and rinse with a cup of warm unsweetened coffee then rinse with water again.

Repeat this remedy twice a week.

Caffiene To Stimulate Hair Growth

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