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Burn Stubborn Fat with These 3 Effective Yoga Poses

Exercise is one of the main steps that should be taken on the road to lose weight. Choosing yoga for workout is one of the perfect options as it doesn’t just get your muscles moving, yoga also reduces stress which contributes to gaining weight.

Insulin sensitivity is also increased with yoga and so the body is told to burn calories instead of storing them. Use the next poses to fight those extra pounds:

All you will need is a yoga mat and a calm atmosphere. Hold each pose for 5 to 8 breaths and repeat it 3 to 5 times for effect to take place.

1. Willow

This pose helps you get firmed abs sides. Start by standing with your arms at sides then slowly put the sole of your left foot on your right thigh with the knee bent to your left. Bring your hands together in front of your chest then breath twice. Take another breath while extending your fingers up to the sky. Exhale while bending your body to the left then inhale while returning back up. Repeat this three times for each side.

2. Chair

Firm your thighs and butt with the chair pose. This move is similar to a squat. Stand with arms at sides and toes together facing forward. Breathe in and bring your arms in front of you with palms opposite to one another. Breathe out and sit in the air making sure your knees don’t exceed your toes and that your abs tight.

3. Hover

The hover pose will help firm your back, shoulders, arms and abs. Start with your hands below your shoulders on the floor and on your toes in a push-up position. Then lower your chest near the floor while exhaling with your abs tight and your elbows bent back just don’t touch the floor for a few seconds.

Burn Stubborn Fat with These 3 Effective Yoga Poses

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