Do You Bruise Easily? Check out the Causes Here

Bruises, or contusions, appear as a result of a damaged capillary seeping out blood. During the healing process, your body clears red blood cells from the bruised area turning it from black-and-blue to yellow, green or brown until it fades. Sometimes it might be unclear to us when and why did we get a certain bruise. Other than accidently hitting yourself and failing to remember here are some reasons why:

Diabetes : Skin discoloration is common among diabetic patients. In areas where skin often rubs against itself, it may develop dark circles that can be easily mistaken for bruises.

Sun Exposure : Being overly exposed to sunlight rays causes your skin to burn and lose its elasticity which makes it easily bruised.

Extreme Exercising : Going too hard while exercising could strain your muscles to the point of injury. Bruises may develop as a result of ruptured vessels.

Age Factor : As you grow, your skin loses thickness. The fatty layer that normally protects you from pumps is also lost. For that reason, bruises tend to occur faster and last longer in elders.

Blood Disorders : If you start to notice several severe bruises on your skin that appear out of the blue, it’s time to check a doctor in case they are related to a blood disorder. Diseases such as leukemia and hemophilia are often related to unexplained bruises.

Purpuric Dermatosis : Purpuric Dermatosis is a disorder related to elders that causes capillaries to leak out blood leading to numerous minute bruises.

Pale Skin : Being pale makes bruises appear more obvious; however, it doesn’t make you more likely to bruise.

Medications : Certain medications weaken blood vessels, and others cause blood to coagulate. These two factors potentially cause bruises to appear.

Genetics : If you find yourself prone to quick bruising, there’s quite a big chance it’s family history.

Bruise Easily Check out the Causes

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