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Breeze through Waxing-Hell with These Tips

Many people hate waxing and anything related to it for a plainly valid reason, the pain. I mean, you don’t want to feel like you are skinning yourself alive each few weeks or so to have a smooth hairless skin.

However, other hair removing methods are either pricy or ineffective on the long run making waxing your best choice. So, without further ado, here are some tips to make waxing much easier.

– There ARE topical anesthetics and painkillers that can help lessen the pain of waxing considerably. There are even sprays and creams that contain anesthetics closely similar to the types dentists use making them greatly effective. You can use these painkillers 20 minutes or so before waxing.

– Avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, cola..etc. in your wax day. Caffeine is a known stimulate for your nerves which will make your skin more sensitive to the pain.

– Train yourself into enduring the pain. For example, wax a small area of one part of your skin every few day. You can wax a small space of your legs or arms and then wax another space the next day and the day after…etc.

– try to relax yourself while waxing. Think of it as a method of pampering yourself instead of a torture.

– Make sure you exfoliate before waxing as exfoliation lessens the pain and leaves your skin hair-free for a longer period.

– do not switch between shaving and waxing. This will make it more difficult for your skin to get used to the pain and will make your hair grow thicker and stronger.

– wash your skin with warm water after waxing and moisturize it with a lotion mixed with an antibiotic ointment to lessen the stinging pain and prevent pain causing infections.

Breeze through Waxing-Hell with These Tips

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