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Breeze through Cooking Like a Master Chef with These Handy Tips

Why is it that some people can really cook while others can’t? Why is that cooking the same recipe doesn’t give the same result every time? Why when different people cook the same recipe and follow the instructions to the tee, the result is never the same? I can’t answer these questions! But I can tell you some tips given by the best chefs in the world to help you breeze through your cooking like one.

1- Someone said once that adding some oil to water in which you boil pasta makes pasta …what? Better? Well, don’t do that if you want the sauce you’ll put later to stick to the pasta.

2- If you want to cut beef, chicken or fish easily, put it in your freezer for about fifteen minutes. It will be firm enough for the knife to slice through.

3- Olive oil is not just healthy; it also brings out the best possible flavor you could hope for in your food. So, when you are buying olive oil, buy a good brand.

4- If you are into baking, parchment paper is a must. Believe me it is worth its weight in gold considering the time and effort you waste on the scraping and the cleaning.

5- Sharp knives are always ALWAYS safer than dull or semi sharp ones. Plus, they make your cooking quicker and easier.

6- You can enjoy fruit and vegetable all year around if you buy them when they are at their peak, wrap them or put them in an airtight container and put them in your freezer.

7- Cast iron skillets are your best friends in the kitchen. They cook things evenly and are easy to clean.

Breeze through Cooking Like a Master Chef with These Handy Tips

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