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Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions. (Milk Leakage and Low Supply)

Breastfeeding mothers may face a few problems specially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding, and in this article we will talk about two common problems which are milk Leakage and Low Supply of milk.

– The First Problem. (Milk Leakage).

Do you notice your breasts are leaking milk every time you hear your baby crying?

This problem could be caused by one of two factors.
Either your breasts are full of milk and this is a good sign that your body is producing milk properly and in this case feeding your baby more frequently or expressing the milk in a bottle when your baby if sleeping or full can solve the problem.

Or your baby is not feeding enough and sleeping for longer than three hours at a time and in this case you should ask a pediatric’s opinion and make sure to wake your baby every two hours and feeding him/her for fifteen minutes each time.

-The Second Problem. (Low Supply).

Many new mothers suffer in the few weeks after their delivery from low supply of milk and increased demand from the baby which can stress the mother.

Don’t panic or stress yourself, your body will take sometime to produce enough milk for your baby and in the mean time your baby will also need sometime to regulate his/her feeding habits.

The solution to this problem is drinking plenty of fluids like fresh juices and soups, also eat raw fruits and vegetables and salads that are high in water content like zucchini and cucumber.

Expressing your milk after every feed can also helps in increasing your milk supply.

Stick to feeding every two hours for fifteen minutes pattern and be aware that not every time your baby cries means feeding time.

Breastfeeding Problems And Solutions. (Milk Leakage and Low Supply)

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