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Does Breast Size Contributes To Developing Breast Cancer?

Many women around the world wonder whether or not breast size influences the possibility of developing breast cancer, myths are there that women with larger breast size are more susceptible to develop breast cancer than those with smaller breasts, while there is no clinical or scientific study proved that breast size is a factor of developing breast cancer, being obese can be a contributing factor. Women who are over weight are at a higher risk of having breast cancer than those who follow a healthy diet and have thin bodies, so maybe this is one of of the factors that mistakingly fueled this myth.

However although breast size may not be an influence on your risk of developing breast cancer, other factors could be and those factors include:-

Family History Of Breast Cancer.

Having a near member of your family (mother, sister or daughter) with breast cancer puts you at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, however the American Cancer Society estimated that over 80% of the women with breast cancer have no family history of breast cancer.

How Much Alcohol You Drink.

Studies found a strong link between the regular consumption of alcohol and developing breast cancer, women who drink 3 to 5 drinks a day are at a 1 1/2 higher risk than those who don’t drink alcohol on regular bases, even one drink a day increase your risk slightly.


Genes play a role when it comes to breast cancer development in about 10 percent of the patients, breast cancer occurs when a mutated gene passes down from one of the parents, commonly BRCA gene pair, referred to as “BRCA1” and “BRCA2” gene mutation which are responsible for repairing damaged cells and DNA won’t function properly when mutated, those who are found with mutated BRCA genes through genetic tests are at a much higher risk of developing breast cancer.
Breast Size Contributes To Developing Breast Cancer

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