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Is bottled water good for our health?

Today, experts advise us not to use bottled water, unless we have to and there is no other alternative. First of all, some companies would give misinformation on the label of the bottled water that the inside water is pure coming from mountain stream or springs, while it is water from the tap but filtered or radiated with ultraviolet light.

The most importantly for avoiding bottled water is that it can contain microbes, mold, benzene or even arsenic. The plastic of the bottled water is laced with other chemicals that can seep out if the bottles sit around for a long time or get exposed to heat.

Now there is a trend everywhere to drink tap water instead of the bottled; in America- for example- Grand Canyon National Park and San Francisco city have reduced or even eliminated bottled water, and in New York there are free drinking fountains on the streets.

Experts advise us to use reusable, durable water bottle to take everywhere we go (stainless steel or BPA- free), and in- sink filtration system for a healthier tap water. They say we better ditch bottled water to live healthier, save money and to protect our planet.

The anti- bottled water argue that it is expensive, and it wastes fossil fuels in transport and production; also the plastic bottles end up in streams, lakes and landfills where they cannot fully decompose which is bad for the environment. In a notorious case bottled water came from a well near a hazardous waste site, and it is sold to many people whose health must have been affected.

Though there are certain regulations for bottled water such as to process, bottle, transport under sanitary conditions as well as to test the source water and final product for bacterial and chemical safety, still bottled water is questionable especially for vulnerable people who undergo chemotherapy, children or pregnant women.

Is bottled water good for our health

Is bottled water good for our health

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