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3 Body Language Mistakes You Commit That Give Interviewers a Wrong Impression

Have you ever wondered why talented people might not be able to land jobs at interviews while others who are much less talented can get the job? And, No it is not sheer misfortune that makes you fail the interview when you already have the needed qualifications.

Actually it is the signs your pose or way of acting in an interview that can get you hired or disqualified for the job. So what are the body language mistakes people do that annoys interviewers?

1- Standing with a poker face and staring blankly at the interviewer. This posture can give off many wrong feelings such as, “I am not that ecstatic about working here”, “I just want to leave!’ or “I don’t think they are going to hire me!”. Don’t stare blankly, and smile a bit while being interviewed.

2- Standing arms crossed or looking like you are defending yourself with your portfolio or your purse is another body language mistake. This is a defensive position, and a very explicit one at that. It makes others think that this job is too much for you or that you are under qualified for it.

3- Fretting and moving restlessly is a huge turn off for interviewers. Even if there isn’t an interview, you wouldn’t like to sit next to someone who fidgets, much less a work college. Also fretting distracts an interviewer from carefully considering your qualifications and work experience, and he/she will be focused on your behavior instead.

When applying for a job interview, do a little research about the interviewer and the company, their likes and dislikes, and the people who are already working there to learn what you need to do to give a good impression.

 Body Language Mistakes You Commit That Give Interviewers a Wrong Impression

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