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Blast Belly Fat Fast by Eating and Drinking These Foods Every Day

There is no miraculous weight loss medicine you can take and simply expect to drop the pounds and lose weight. Maybe this is not what you desire to hear, but simply, the right diet and exercise is the one and only way to lose those extra pounds that are annoying you. However, while we are on your weight loss path, there are small things we can do to burn the extra calories faster.

Some foods help stimulate your body’s metabolism and get these calories burning faster in combination with workouts. These three foods are inexpensive and readily accessible at any market.

1. Cucumbers.
cucumbers are filled with water and has barely 17 calories per each (This means they give you less than the calories you need to burn them! AKA you burn the more you eat!) They have lots of fiber in them as well, encouraging you to feel fuller longer.

2. Parsley or Cilantro.
These two herbs are low in calories and extremely high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Eating these two herbs helps limiting water retention and bloating as well.

3. Lemons.
Lemons boost the body to wash away toxins and increase the metabolism. They are additionally perfect for enhancing the digestion of food.

I prefer to make a fresh juice out of each of these three ingredients. Normally I will cut a cucumber in half, take some cilantro or parsley, and a quarter of a skinned lemon and drink all of it twice every day. It certainly hits the spot! People who tried this have said that it has helped them through their weight loss journey and noticed extra pounds gone. So drink it today!

Blast Belly Fat Fast by Eating and Drinking These Foods Every Day

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