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I Bet You Never Knew These 3 Things Could Destroy Your Skin

If you are reading this article, then you are most likely a woman.

And if you are a woman, then you already know a about the importance of taking care of your skin and you must already have your own skincare bible and skincare routine with all the secret fixes and trial and error results.

However, almost all women do that, yet some of them find that their skin is aging quickly. Here are the reasons for that you would never expect.

1- You must have already heard about the dangers of sunrays on your skin and are avoiding the sun now at all costs. However, heat – from any source not just the sun – can do a world of damage to your sun. For example, those using blow-dryers set to high heat are usually suffering from skin problems.

2- Prescription creams and skin cures treat skin, right? Well, here is a surprise: they are one of the reasons why your skin ages quickly. This happens because products from different brands have components that may react with each other and not in a good way. Your skin would get a good amount of damage from your bug bite treatment combined with your sunblock lotions and you would never know about it.

3- Living in a polluted place can damage your skin as well. And in a big crowded city, pollution sources are plenty. If you are forced to live in a polluted place like many of us are, try to limit the sources of pollution as much as possible (get a water purifier, only consume organic home cooked food, use natural ingredients for skin care…etc.

Things Could Destroy Your Skin

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