The Best Ways to Stay Cool While Exercising

Don’t let summer’s heat discourage you from exercising and staying active. Fight heat with coldness. Otherwise, stopping exercise you make you suffer from a lot of things like gaining weight, losing muscle mass, and even becoming unhappy because movements help in releasing good mood hormones.

You can keep your body cool during exercise either by cooling your skin, or by cooling your core prior to exercise. Such cooling practices are known as pre-cooling and many athletes, especially runners, apply them to maintain a low body temperature during their races. One of these methods has a longer effect of coolness than the other. Discover the best way to stay cool through this article.

Core Cooling

This method involves drinking an icy slushy drink to make your core temperature drop before exercising. This method drops the core temperature significantly at a high rate. After exercise, the increase in temperature would not match the increase in temperature that would have happened if you didn’t drink the slush. But does this make core cooling the best way to avoid the annoyance of heat during exercise? Let’s see…

Skin Cooling

There are several ways to cool your skin before a workout. You can put your limbs in cold water, place a cold towel on your neck, wear vests with ice packs or go as extreme as inserting ice packs in your pants. Post-workout you will see that your body temperature is similar to that of an individual who cooled his/her core. However, skin cooling is better because the temperature increase is slower during exercise compared to that of core cooling.

You may prefer one way of the other to decrease your temperature while exercising, or you can even go for both methods at the same time. Either ways, you shouldn’t allow warm weather to be an excuse to stop moving.
Best Ways to Stay Cool While Exercising

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