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The Best Ways You Can Overcome Insomnia

After a tiring day if hard work and stress, all you ladies are longing for is a light meal and quit sleep but unfortunately sometimes the tension that you experience throughout the day can overwhelm the mind and tire the body causing Difficulties to fall asleep and insomnia, here are some tips to overcome the problem.

1- Avoid Things That Stimulate The Mind.
To have a quit comfortable sleep try to avoid items that make light or stimulate the mind such as TV, ticking watches or clocks, the mobile phone or even reading books.

2- Choose The Correct Food Items And Times.
Food plays a major role in the completion of the sleep cycle therefore specialists recommend to choose the correct time to have dinner to allow the body to digest and use the energy before going to bed, don’t have dinner after eight o’clock and avoid fatty foods or spicy foods because they may upset your stomach during sleep which in return will disturb your sleep.

3- Avoid Caffeinated Foods And Beverages.
Beverages that contain Caffiene like coffee, black tea and green tea in addition to foods that contain Caffiene like chocolate should be completely avoided before going to be because they boost the energy levels and give problems trying to fall asleep.

4- Choose Night Cosmetics
You may be wondering this tip but it is known that some cosmetics contain Ingredients that stimulate the senses and brain so it is better to choose night cream that is suitable for your skin that contain Ingredients like neem, aloe Vera, cucumber and the essential oils that help you relax.

5- Get Exposed To The Sunlight.
Try to expose yourself to the sunlight by either opening the windows or taking a short walk in the sun while having sunscreen on, getting exposed to the sun helps the body to follow the natural cycle of the day which is being active in the daytime and sleeping at night, the sunlight also helps the body to produce hormones that help you sleep tight at night.

Overcome Insomnia

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