Eight Best Tips To Prevent Theft

Do you worry from theft? Are you living in an isolated area? Or you travel alot and stay away from the house? If you want to prevent house theft there are certain tips you must follow in order to reduce the risk of house theft to the minimum, below are some helpful tips, read on.

1- Get Sliding Doors And Windows More Secure.

It is an attractive and easy way for burglars to break into the house by simply just Sliding the door or the window of its frame, new slide doors and windows are generally safer than old ones, however to ensure maximum safety, slide a strong rod or steel bar into the back chamber of the window, this way it won’t slide open even if someone tries to.

2- Don’t Hide A Spare Key Out.

While it may sound convenient to hide a spare key under a flower pot or a mat outside of the home, it is highly dangerous and can increase the chance of theft. Instead of keeping a spare key out of your home, give a spare key to a neighbour or a family member who lives near and you trust.

3- Get The Help Of Police.

If you are travelling away away for a while, inform the police department in your area to drive around every now and then in your neighborhood to ensure things are secure, police can stop crime before it happens, find the crime prevention officer in your local authorities and ask them to check things out in your property every now and then.

4- Make Friendships With Your Neighbours.

One of the best safety ways to prevent theft is by making relations with your neighbours, your neighbors can pay attention to your property while you are out or away, neighbours usually report many theft crimes even when the owners of the property are not present.

5- Lock It Up.

Always make sure to lock up your windows and doors before leaving your home at anytime, you won’t imagine, more than 40% of theft crimes happen without using force, this means that if you ignore or forget a window or a door open even one time that can cause burglars to break into your house easily.

6- Don’t Ham Up.

Try not to leave things laying around in your back yard or your the street, things like scooters, byscles or any easy to steel objects try to move these things into your garage.

7- Don’t Draw Attention To Your House.

Try not to draw unnecessary attention to your house by advertising your new valuable purchases, by putting boxes of expensive electronics like laptops, TV, computers or anything else out of your door, you are advertising to burglars what type of expensive household electronics you have.

8- Install A Motion Sensor.

In the darkness of the night it is much easier for a thief to move about freely and hidden, install a motion sensor security device, it makes bright enough light when motion is perceived in the area, some can make very loud noise as well, the light and noise can shock the thief and provide visual alert to the owners of the home.

Best Tips To Prevent Theft

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