Six Best Sources Of Calcium

You may already know about how important calcium is for our bodies to maintain strong bones and teeth, but what you don’t know is, the best way to get sufficient levels of calcium in our bodies is not by taking calcium supplements, actually you don’t really need the supplements, there are many natural foods out there that you can include in your daily diet and be able to take your daily recommended levels of calcium along with many other nutrients, listed below are six of the best sources of calcium that you can include in your daily diet.

1- Milk.

Milk for no doubt is the best source of calcium, that include all milk products as well, however, whenever you are buying milk, consider the whole milk, as the fat content in the milk allow the body to absorb all the calcium and other nutrients in the milk, you can include you milk in your daily diet in many forms, milk is suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can even have a nice warm glass of full fat milk before you get to bed to enjoy a relaxing deep sleep.

2- Spinach.

Spinach is another perfect source of calcium that you can enjoy in your daily diet, many leafy greens contain high levels of calcium but spinach is the richest, spinach is very enjoyable and it is best eaten raw in salads or half cooked, you can even get iron and many other important nutrients from spinach, a spinach juice is another way to enjoy spinach, you can have it for breakfast.

3- Fish.

Fish and specially sardines, tuna and salmon are perfect sources of calcium, specially the tinned ones, because the bones in these types of fish is soft and easily chewed and digested which provide your body with an abundant level of calcium, it can also make a very interesting lunch or snack, however try to drain any oil as much as possible so you don’t end up putting on weight.

4- Yogurt.

Yogurt is just like any other dairy product, a rich source of calcium, however one cup of yogurt can provide your body with double the amount of calcium one cup of milk provides, same as milk, make sure to eat full fat yogurt instead of the skimmed one to allow your body to absorb all the benefit, yogurt and dairy products are also good sources of other important minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.

5- Cabbage.

All leafy vegetables and specially the cabbage family like cabbage, broccoli and turnip are good sources of calcium, they are also very affordable and enjoyable , you can eat them cooked or raw in salads, you won’t only benefit from the calcium content in these veggies but also the high levels of antioxidants and vitamin K.

6- Nuts.

Whole grains, nuts and seeds also provide a considerable level of calcium , they worth being included on this list because beside calcium they also have many other health benefits and they make an easy and enjoyable snack.

Best Sources Of Calcium

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