Three Best Home Remedies To Fade Streatch Marks

Stretch marks are those annoying stubborn lines that appear on different parts of the body after pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, or excessive mental stress, those lines are unfortunately hard to get rid of depending on the severity, the color of the stretch marks also vary according to severity, the color may vary from dark purple or black to a little different shade of the same skin color, streatch marks occur when the skin streatch suddenly like what happens in pregnancy which cause the collagen production to get weak and hence the skin elasticity get less, which cause the middle layer of the skin to tear causing those ugly looking streatch marks. Fortunately there are a few effective home remedies to prevent streatch marks during pregnancy or treat minor streatch marks if they already happened, however one effective tip to boost collagen production and in turn prevent any chance for streatch marks is eating a healthy balanced diet with alot of vitamin C, E and A.

1- Cocoa Butter.

Cocoa butter is the best remedy to fade streatch marks known, you can also opt to apply cocoa butter on your stomach, thighs and breast as soon as you find out you are pregnant to avoid the problem of streatch marks, for best results, mix the coconut butter with vitamin E oil, apply that mixture on the area where streatch marks present and massage for ten to fifteen minutes, repeat this remedy everyday for at least two month, it takes time and patience to get rid of streatch marks.

2- Castor Oil.

Castor oil is used for many skin conditions and it has showed effectiveness, it can be used for streatch marks too, warm up some castor oil and massage it on the area for fifteen minutes everyday untill you notice a difference.

3- Egg White And Olive Oil.

Try to repeat this remedy everyday, it may take you time but it is effective, apply an egg white on the affected area and allow it to dry, once it dries, wash off with warm water, dry the area then apply olive oil and massage it properly for fifteen minutes, warming the oil will grant better results.
Best Home Remedies To Fade Streatch Marks

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