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Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that spices don’t only add a wonderful flavor to your regular dishes but also can help you lose weight. Certain types of spices and herbs have the ability to boost the metabolism, burn calories, curb the apatite and reduce the absorption and storage of fat, so go on, feel free to use all the lovely spices in your kitchen cabinet and add flavor to your life, read on the following is a list of the best herbs and spices that promote weight loss.

– Cayenne Pepper.

Cayenne pepper comes on the top of the list, this super hot chilli contain alkaloid substances called capsaicin which has the ability to increase your body heat and in result increase your metabolism up to 25% more which helps your body burn more calories and have a higher energy level.

Black Pepper.

Black pepper comes second as the best spice to burn calories and boost metabolism, it contain components called piperine which was proven scientifically to be able to burn as many calories as walking for 20 minutes, it also boost the body metabolism by up to 8% for many hours after ingestion.

– Mustard Seeds.

Spicy mustard seeds are delicious and also a great weight loss aid, science proven that only one tablespoon of spicy mustard seeds can accelerate the body’s metabolic rate to 25% for many hours after consumption, it also contain selenium which enhance the weight losing ability.


Cinnamon ids another amazing ingredients that can help you shed those extra pounds specially around your belly, it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and it increase the insulin in the blood preventing any risk of diabetes, opt to drink two to three hot cups of cinnamon tea a day and preferably right after each meal.

– Turmeric.

Turmeric is a wonderful spices that carry many health benefits, it helps to break down fat tissues, boost the metabolic rate and improves the digestion process, it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants that makes it able to remove toxins from the liver.

– Ginger.

Ginger has been used for centuries for its medicinal effects, it helps to increase the body temperature which as result increase the body’s metabolic functionality and burn calories, opt to mix one teaspoon of ginger with one teaspoon of cinnamon, make a hot tea out of that and take right after each meal.

– Cumin.

Cumin is another great ingredient that helps to boost the body’s metabolism, burn fat, improve the digestion and improve the blood circulation.

– Parsley.

Parsley is a lovely addition to any dish, it is a natural diuretic and it contain many important nutrients, it helps to remove toxins from the liver and kidneys as well as curbing appetite and reducing sugar cravings.

– Fennel.

Fennel also has diuretic abilities, it helps the body to get rid of excessive fluids retained in the body and improve the overall energy levels of the body by improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight

Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight Best Herbs To Help You Lose Weight

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