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The Best Healthy Ways to Clean the Dishes

Apart from being a boring activity, dishwashing might seem like a piece of cake mindless activity. Having sparkling dishes and kitchen utensils is not always easy; and if you did get shining utensils, they might have resilient germs that you cannot easily see with your eyes. Read on to learn about the best healthy ways to do a sparkly hygienic dishwashing.

Washing By Your Hands

If you don’t have a dishwasher and have to pull up your sleeves for this cleaning mission there are two things to put in mind. First of all, you cannot wash the dishes with very hot water as the washing machine does; hence, soak any utensils that touched raw meat in extremely hot water to kill dangerous germs. Secondly, the detergents you use to wash the dishes will rob your hands of their natural oils and would probably contain elements like dyes, fragrances and antibacterial agents that would irritate your skin. Hence, try your best to wear gloves while doing this house chore or slather moisturizers on your hands after washing to prevent drying and itching.

Using a Dishwasher

Dishwashers do not only give you the privilege of saving time and effort, it also allows you to wash most of kitchen utensils with extremely high temperatures to kill the most amounts of bacteria without harming your hands. A big problem that comes with dishwashers is that their automatic detergents usually have chlorine and phosphates that harm the environment but are necessary if all you got is hard water. There are environmentally friendly options you can seek.

Extra Tip: Make Use of Baking Soda for Difficult Stains

Baking soda can be used to clean various kitchen utensils as long as they are not made from aluminum. For instance, you can soak teaspoons in a solution made of baking soda to remove coffee or tea stains.
The Best Healthy Ways to Clean the Dishes

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