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The Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated In The Summer

Drinking water is probably the best way to remain hydrated, however if you know you won’t be able to get adequate amounts of fluids for a while then your best option is eat water-rich fruits and vegetables because the water content in these food items present in a gel form so it will stay in your system for longer and get absorbed slowly which will ensure that your body remains hydrated for a longer period of time, to find out what are the best fruits and vegetables to rehydrate your body check out the following list.

1- Cucumber.

Cucumber is light and mild in taste so you can enjoy them with Yogurt or salad, it is also one of the richest vegetables with water as it contains about 97% water.

2- Iceberg Lettuce Salad.

You can quench your thirst with a lovely iceberg lettuce salad as it contains about 96% water, partner the lettuce with other nutrients packed vegetables for an added nutritional value such as kale and spinach.

3- Radish.

If you want something more flavor full and can tantalize your taste buds or spice up your plate of salad then your option is white Radish as it contains about 95.3% water.

4- Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are available almost all around the year and they are very rich in water, antioxidants and vitamin C as well as fibers, so the next time you feel for a snack, instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips just munch on grape tomatoes with some crackers and feta cheese.

5- Green Bell Pepper.

Although red and yellow bell peppers are high in water content as well as vitamin C and antioxidants, the green pepper is the highest with water content which is about 93.5% so chew up on them or add them to your salad.

6- Cauliflower.

Besides being rich in water content with about 92% water, cauliflower can also protect you from several chronic and hard to treat diseases like heart diseases and cancer thanks to its content of phytonutrients.

7- Watermelon.

If you want to quench your thirst and still enjoy a sweet and filling desert then your choice is watermelon, it is 91% water in addition to a substance called lycopene which will help you feel full for longer periods of time, watermelon is also very low in calories so it can aid in your weight loss attempts.

8- Spinach.

Spinach contains about 91.4% water as well as many other important nutrients like vitamin E, fiber and iron, only one cup of fresh spinach provide you with 15% of your daily bodily requires of vitamin E.

9- Grapefruit.

Grapefruit contains 90% water content and it also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and aiding in weight loss.

10- Melons.

Melons are sweet and extremely low in calories with only 50 calories or less per melon, you can get the 90% water content as well as 100% of your daily needs of vitamin A if you munch on a melon for your afternoon snack.

The Best Foods To Keep You Hydrated In The Summer

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