Best Festivals – 4 Interesting Festivals in Lanzarote

If you are one of the festival fans; Lanzarote will be an ideal destination for your trips, because it holds national, local, and religious festivals every year. Here are a few festivals that attract the tourists to this Spanish island.

In January, the kids and adults celebrate the Christmas in a unique way, because the three wise men riding their camels come to dispense the sweets and gifts on the children of the island; especially those of the main town. The display of the fireworks throughout the island; especially in the resort of Puerto Del Carmen, attract a large number of tourists every year to have enjoying time with their families.

The Carnival in Lanzarote is held in the last week of February and considered as one of the biggest celebrations in the world. The carnival activities include traditional music and dancing, decorated floats, grand parades, burial of the sardine, children parties, and other amazing customs. This carnival is celebrated for 40 years in the island and every year the activities are renewed.

In July, the celebrations begin in the official Saint Day, when the parade of Sainte Carmen is carried throughout the island and taken to the beach, where a decorated boat take it throughout the waves surrounded by fishing vessels in a uniquely beautiful look. The locals think that the Carmen will give its blessings to the sea and bring more fish at the coming year.

The Canarian Day festival is held every year in May to memorize the island’s autonomy from Spain. The festival is celebrated for thirty-one years, according to the local traditions of the island. The festival activities begin with folklore dances performed by the school kids wearing a unified uniform accompanied with traditional music; then, the competitions begin in different fields to increase the excitement of the audiences.

Festivals in Lanzarote Festivals in Lanzarote Festivals in Lanzarote

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