Best 5 Restaurants In Chicago

In Chicago you can enjoy eating a lot of tasty food for a small price , on this list we have collected to you the finest restaurants in Chicago with highest quality food and most reasonable cost , discover the Best 5 Restaurants In Chicago below on the list and discover some of the best servings of each restaurant , so don’t be confused anymore where to dine in Chicago because here we will just guide you to the best places .

5- Opart Thai .

This restaurant has a cozy ambiance and inviting atmosphere enough to bring a date , make sure not to miss their Gaeng Keow Waan with its mouthwatering green curry , eggplant , green beans and chicken , beef , pork , tofu or shrimps .

4- Dixie Kitchen And Bait Shop.

Here you will enjoy the best pancakes you will ever taste in your life , you should also try their fried green tomatoes , johny cakes with honey butter , blackened catfish fillet , jampalaya and Louisiana jumpo .

3- Johny Casserole .

This restaurant will warm up your hear on the cold nights of Chicago , this place is all about casseroles as you can figure from the name , their casseroles are all prepared freshly after the order is made , you can enjoy your casserole in the location or take away , you can also enjoy their pastries , breads , homemade soups and locally grounded coffee .

2- Wishbone .

Here you will have a hearty experience of flavorful perfectly cooked southern style breakfasts on week days and brunch on weekends , try their French toast , salmon cake , red eggs which is made of two eggs served on a corn tortilla with black beans , cheese , sour cream and hot sauce .

1– Al’s#1 .

Al’s#1 worth to be the first spot on our list , you can enjoy here the Chicago style Italian beef sandwich , burgers and hotdogs , and theirs hearty steaks seasoned with fresh Italian seasonings to capture your heart , in Al’s#1 you are sure to know the real meaning of a sandwich .

Best 5 Restaurants In Chicago Best 5 Restaurants In Chicago

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