Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta

Atlantans love to eat and appreciate food from all around the world so much which is clearly reflected on their restaurants , Although the preferred cuisine here tend to be more western but more choices of your favorite is available , if you love Italian cuisine , French , Chinese or Mexican cuisine be sure that you will be pleased with a wide variety of your favorite preferences , If you are a visitor looking for a fantastic dinning experience then the following list would be helpful as we have prepared to you a list of the Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta, Georgia , Restaurants were chosen according to the quality of food , service , ambiance and decor so find out the Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta, Georgia below .

5- Taqueria Del Sol .

Taquerial Del Sol is an elegant Mexican corner with low prices and straight forward menu , the place is always busy due to the incredible food offered here , some of the best choices to go for are fried chicken tacos , beef enchiladas with red sauce , fried chicken with mashed potatoes and sriracha , in addition to all Mexican traditional dishes .

4- The Optimist.

A menu prepared by chef Adam Evans include all the see side goodness that will capture your heart and make you come here often , lobster rolls , eat and peel shrimps , wood roasted mangrove snapper or the mouthwatering duck fat poached swordfish .

3- Woodfire Grill .

The Top Chef Finalist Kevin Gillespie prepared a superb menu of delicious goodness to surprise your taste buds , the grill is centered in the restaurant lodge so the dinners enjoy watching their food being prepared , you can choose from a five course chef’s tasting menus for $75 or a seven course chef’s grand tasting menus for $95 .

2- Restaurant Eugene .

Here you will enjoy all the master prices of Atlanta native chef Linton Hopkins with delightful southern inspired dishes such as beets with pot likker , Tennessee bacon with shiitake fondu , clams , radish salad or Tennessee black truffles and rice grits with Jerusalem artichoke.

1- Bacchanalia.

Bacchanalia tops this list simply because of their constant changing of the menu with new and surprising coursed meals and their insist on using fresh and organic ingredients , the restaurant has a very sophisticated ambiance and excellent service , enjoy rutabaga , sweet onions or lam with pumpkin although the menu change constantly .

Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta Best 5 Restaurants In Atlanta

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