Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque

There are numerous restaurants in Albuquerque that serve Mexican foods , new Mexican foods that will surprise your taste buds with adventurous spicy flavors , so better to prepare yourself for a barns new experience that will open up your world to the bold Mexican flavors , if you are looking for the best dinning place that will satisfy your tastes and entertain you and your company on your vacation in Albuquerque then discover below the Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque .

5- Zacatecas .

Although it is newly opened in Nob Hill it got popular in no time , it is always full of diners due to its magical open air ambiances , away from its mouth watering menu offers its decor and colors are very catchy for the eyes , you feel like you are in a very well designed place , locals recommend you to try their veggie tacos , carnitas tacos , fonduta and for sure their main attraction tequila .

4- El Bruno’s.

El Bruno’s has a beautiful location over the north valley of the former former Garduno’s , it was established in march 2011 as a second branch for their original El Bruno’s in Cuba , they have a big collection of spices mixes that was made by themselves and named after New Mexico cities and villages , in El Bruno’s you can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes such as Enchiladas , relleno , Burreto and Navajo taco .

3- Casa Del Benividez .

The idea was started about 50 years ago by the Benevidez couple Paul and Rita where they established their original dream restaurant in El Mexicano , currently their present location is a 100 years old house with a relaxing back garden and waterfal that make dinning in this restaurant a relaxing flavorful experience , their menus include stuffed sopaipillas, a la carte burritos and flour tacos, beef patty and ample salads served on fried tortilla bowl .

2- El Patron .

With a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains, spacious lobby , bright and colorful interior design along with patio and umbrellas to enjoy eating in the open air make this restaurant worth to be the second on our list , it offer all the traditional Mexican dishes with an affordable price .

1- El Pinto .

El Pinto is the largest restaurant in the state of Albuquerque but although it is very spacious it has a very cozy ambiance with warm and inviting colors , it is for no doubt the best restaurant you can dine in in the state of New Mexico and has always been since the 1960s , in El Pinto you can enjoy mostly all the new Mexican delicious dishes while enjoying the live music played in its patio .

Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque Best 5 Restaurants In Albuquerque

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