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4 Benefits You Reap from Sowing Good Manners into Your Kids

Most parents teach their kids good manners (or at least try to). And let’s face it, without good manners; our kids are more than a burden to us or the society, they are a burden to themselves as well. Not only does teaching your kids good manners make their communication with others easier, but it also has many other benefits including:

1- Other’s love and gratitude. Kids who learn good manners learn that kindness is a virtue. When they are kind to others, they are loved and respected and this motivates them to be more kind and compassionate.

2- Like we have just said, having and practicing good manners helps kids in communicating and interacting with others. This means that these kids don’t develop stress or stress complications. On the other hand, a recent study has found that a significant percentage of Americans – including many children – take antidepressants on a regular basis due to problems in their ability to interact with others.

3- Kids who practice good manners are distinguished. Many studies show that these kids are more advanced than their peers in terms of athletic and academic achievement. Harvard Business Review proved in a study in 2003 that CEOs who behave badly – and are rather lacking in the area of manners – have a slow business development rate compared to those who treat their employees with kindness and respect.

4- Good manners enhance kids’ self-confidence. When kids treat others with respect and kindness they are treated with respect and kindness. This treatment boosts their approval of their own being and personality, and in turn boosts their self-confidence.

Benefits You Reap from Sowing Good Manners into Your Kids

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