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Three Benefits For Using Egg On Your Hair

All women dream to have healthy, shiny and silky hair locks, some women are naturally blessed with such hair, while other women try their best to enjoy the type of hair they dream to have, there are many hair care products out there, but unfortunately most of them carry potential damage due to the excessive amounts of chemicals used, nothing is better than going back to nature to fix your damaged hair and make it shine and glow again, fortunately, nature is not short of amazing ingredients we can use to enjoy the type of hair we are dreaming of, one of these ingredients is egg, egg is filled with protein which is the key substance your hair needs to look full of life and healthy, below are just a few benefits of using egg on your hair so read on.

1- Egg Conditions Your Hair.

With the high level of protein found in egg, it works magic to condition your hair, specially egg yolk, mix it with mashed avocados for maximum benefit, you can use the paste to massage your Scalp and rub on your hair for fifteen minutes, then wash off with warm water, this hair mask will leave your hair full of life and radiance.

2- Moisturizes Your Hair.

When protein is deficient in your hair, it starts getting dull and damaged, egg yolk with its high level of protein can fix this problem for you, the protein will treat the damage and prevent further damage, mix the egg yolk with honey and almond oil, apply the mixture on your warm wet hair, leave for 45 minutes then wash off with shampoo, you will be fascinated of the results.

3- Prevents Hair Loss.

Hair loss occurs when the hair gets damages and lifeless, these things can be resulted by all your chemical shampoos and serums, it is time to leave all these things aside and give your hair what it really needs to be strong and healthy, all you need is one egg yolk, beat it untill it is creamy and apply it on your Scalp and hair, leave for one hour then wash off, repeat this remedy at least once a week to replaced the lost protein and nutrients from your hair.
Benefits For Using Egg On Your Hair

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