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You will not believe that these 5 habits make you feel tired

When you feel tired all the time you must know what the circumstantial causes that lead to it are. When the source of this fatigue is not connected with any illness or a serious health problem you should know that, away from physical stress and lack of sleep, there are some habits that you do which cause this fatigue. Read about these habits in the article below.

*Not drinking large amounts of water: Do you know that water has a role in how you feel chronically tired? Water is responsible for activating blood circulation that will deliver oxygen to the body parts to activate them. Thus, lack of drinking water leads to fatigue and lack of energy all the time.

*Not eating foods rich with iron: The feeling of fatigue in many cases is due to iron deficiency in the body. Therefore, not eating foods rich with iron like eggs, meat and nuts will make you feel tired all the time.

*Not practicing any exercises: Exercise has many health and psychological benefits. It does not only activate metabolism and burning of fat, but it is one of the most significant factors that help the body with the production of energy.

*Having too much of caffeine: Although caffeine works to stimulate the body and the nerves when you drink coffee in the morning, drinking it in the late time of the day leads to sleep disorders in addition to feeling tired and fatigue contrary to what we all think. So, try to drink moderate amount of caffeine and only drink caffeinated drinks early in the day.

*Using smart phones before sleeping: Studies have shown that light emitted from these phones affects your physical activities and causes some hormonal disorders which leads to a feeling of fatigue and lack of concentration.

 habits make you feel tired

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