Five Beauty Uses Of Chocolate

As soon as you think of chocolate you immediately think of calories and high sugar content, well it is true that sugar can contain high sugar levels and you should avoid high sugar substances while being on a diet, however a small piece of dark chocolate every now and then can not be harmful at all, in fact it is the total opposite, after all chocolate is an important source of antioxidants that are essential for the proper functioning of the body and specially important for the skin health, in fact, many of the vitamin and minerals in chocolate are used in the production of many beauty products, so even if you don’t eat chocolate to maintain your perfect waist line, there is still many ways you can gain the beauty benefits of chocolate, read on to discover more.

1- It Protects Against The Damage Of UV Rays.

The direct application of chocolate on the skin can seriously Reverse the damage of UV rays on the skin due to its content of flavenols which are a sort of powerful antioxidants that maintain the skin cells clear of any damage and promote the repairing process of the skin cells, chocolate can also treat sunburns and hydrate the skin.

2- It Detoxifies The Skin.

When chocolate is accompanied with caffiene, it can be very effective in getting the skin rid of dead skin cells, and that is why chocolate is used as an active ingredient in many of the facial scrubs and exfoliant, so you can use that at your home right away, by applying melted dark chocolate on your skin where you want to get rid of dead skin cells and promote healthy and younger looking skin cells.

3- It Promotes Hair Growth.

Chocolate Promotes the healthy blood circulation in the body, which in return help the hair follicles to get rough nutrients and oxygen which help new hair’s to grow and prevent hair fall, it also contain many essential minerals such as Zinc, iron, and copper which all are important to promote the cell renewal process.

4- It Gives Shine To Your Hair.

Chocolate can also make your hair lustrous and shiny, if you make a homemade mask of chocolate and honey and apply it on your hair and Scalp for at least half an hour as a luxurious hair treatment, you will be fascinated how shiny and healthy looking your hair will be after you wash it.

5- It Prevent Aging Signs.

Chocolate also can prevent to a big extent fine lines and wrinkles formation, as it prevent the collagen in the skin from breaking down and it reserve the harmful effect of environmental elements like UV rays of the sun on the skin, therefore it can be effectively used to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Beauty Uses Of Chocolate

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