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Beauty tricks for girls

Here are many beauty hacks for girls which you may don’t know. These hacks will help all the girls to save their money and time.

1. How to turn your regular shampoo to a clarifying one is so easy. You can add a little of baking soda to your ordinary shampoo and it will be a clarifying shampoo.

2. There is an easy way to make a straight parting in your hair. Just draw your comb quickly from the forehead to the crown. Do not try to be careful and go slowly because you will end up having wonky parting.

3. Do not try to remove mascara from your face until it is dry. If there is an odd drop of mascara on your face, remove it with the end of a cotton tip after it is dry.

4. If you have cuts on your legs after shaving, you can stop the bleeding by applying some lip palm. Lip balm also makes cuts heal faster.

5. If you want thicker and longer lashes, there is an easy way to get it. First, apply a layer of mascara and then put some baby powder. Then, put another layer of mascara.

6. To remove your makeup, use baby wipes instead of makeup wipes. Baby wipes remove the makeup easily and they are cheaper. Also, you can use them to remove makeup stains off your clothes.

7. If you want to get wavy hair, do not use heated instruments. Just put your hair into tight plaits before sleeping at night. Then, when you wake up, loosen the plaits and scrunch them with your hand. After that, you can apply a little amount of hairspray.

8. Make the French nail manicure using a Band- Aid. Stick the end of it on your nail and then apply your manicure. When you remove the Band- Aid you will get French manicured nails.

9. Don’t discard crushed powder compact. You can add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol to the broken pieces to repair it.

10. Don’t throw the remains of lipstick. You can use them to make a homemade lipstick palette. Just collect the remains and melt them with a dryer. Then put them in an empty lipstick palette.

Beauty tricks for girls

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