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Beauty Treatments You Can Apply before Sleeping

Sleeping is known to be very important for our beauty. All of us wake up with puffy eyes, tangled hair and dull face. You could do some things while sleeping to wake up looking fresh. Here are some great tips that will make you wake up beautiful.

• Before going to sleep, you should remove the makeup remnants and cleanse your face. After that, you should exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Therefore, your skin will be looking fresh and clear.

• You may apply some castor oil on your lashes before sleeping to lengthen them. Also, you may apply castor oil on your eyebrows if you want them to be thicker and darker.

• Try to buy silk pillowcases in order to protect your hair and skin at night. These pillowcases will prevent tangling of your hair and they are gentle and less damaging for the skin.

• If you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, try to rub some sweet almond oil into the skin before sleeping. Almond oil helps to reduce dark circles effectively.

• Try to massage your feet with Crisco, butter or better still, shea butter before sleeping. Then, you should wear a pair of socks while sleeping. You will have soft feet when you wake up.

• You may also moisturize your lips overnight by applying beanut butter, lip palm or coconut oil.

• Use aloe vera gel to treat split ends overnight. It will make split ends less noticeable.

• If you have acne and pimples, try to treat them with honey and cinnamon. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey and apply the mixture on the affected area overnight.

Beauty Treatments You Can Apply before Sleeping

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