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5 Beauty Treasures You Can Find in Your Medicine Cabinet

Women need a lot of time and resources to maintain their hair and skin. They spend so much money on hair and skincare products that some couples divide their budget this way: husband’s money is to be spent on the different bills, and the wife’s money is to be spent on her “grooming products”. However, there are many affordable treasures that can make you gorgeous hiding inside your medicine cabinet, such as:

1- You are most likely using self-tanning products to avoid the damage authentic tanning can do to your skin. However, when the tanning products get to where they are not supposed to, they can make really embarrassing stains. Avoid this by rubbing some of the Vaseline neglected in your medicine cabinet on the areas you want to protect from the stains.

2- Nail polish removers have this annoying habit of going empty right when you need them. If that happens to you, spray some of your deodorant to clean off your nail polish.

3- Women’s skin is vulnerable. This means that when a woman trips and falls, or bumps into anything, she will find a bruise on her skin later on. And bruises prevent you from wearing some of your most favorite clothes. A mouth wash can prevent a bruise and treat it almost immediately.

4- Oxygen water is not just good for sanitizing your hands and disinfecting wounds. It can do many other neat things too. One of which is whitening your teeth, destroying some of the plaque on them and killing the germs and bacteria there all in one minute swish.

5- Even your old tooth brush has a role in making you gorgeous. A bad mascara job is sticking your eyelashes together? Fix this problem with a light quick brush using your old tooth brush. And while you’re at it, do the same to your eyebrows to give them a clean tidy look.

Beauty Treasures You Can Find in Your Medicine Cabinet

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