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Beauty secrets of Japanese women

Japanese women always look younger than they really are. They have a clear skin without flaws. The secret of the Japanese women is using natural recipes and treatments for their skin and hair. Here you will find some of the Japanese women’s beauty secrets.

– The food they eat. Fish, rice and sea weed are always associated with Japanese people. Also, vegetables from cabbage- family are famous in their diet. They avoid fatty meat, sugar and bread. Their food is always rich with omega- 3 fatty acids, fibres, vitamins and minerals.

– Rice.
It is one of the most famous and popular Japanese secrets for beauty. They used it as a facial wash and they used to add it to the bath water. It helps to sooth and softens the skin.

-Natural oils.
Japanese women use natural oils for their beauty. They use herbal oils like camellia oil which has been used by geishas as makeup remover and facial cleanser. The reason why oil is used as a cleanser is that it removes dirt and other oils safely and effectively.

– Japanese women always avoid the exposure to direct sun. They know the harmful effect of the Ultraviolet rays. So, they evade staying at the sun instead of using chemical harmful sunscreens.

– Taking a shower is very important ritual for the Japanese. They always do regular exfoliation to remove the dirt and dead skin cells.

Green tea is one of the most famous secrets for Japanese beauty. Green tea is rich with antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking green tea helps to protect the skin from aging and inflammation.

Beauty secrets of Japanese women

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