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Your beauty routine and the flu season

During flu season, most of our surroundings seem to be contagious, and thus we need to find out how to flu- proof our beauty routine and get safe as much as possible, and here we give you some tips that can help you.

First, get your makeup brushes cleaned every day; you can do that at night and lay them on a flat surface to be ready for the following day. Your lipstick is the most common product to be breeding ground for germs, and it is recommended to spray it with alcohol after each use. You should sanitize your counters twice daily because flue virus can survive on hard surfaces for several hours.

Do not forget to disinfect your makeup bag and if it is made of cloth, put it in the laundry. If you get sick, drink more water and fluids more than you usually do because flu medication can

strip your skin of moisture leaving it dry, so fluids are important to get better, flush your system and keep you moisturized.

Start the day with a facial exfoliator to remove dead skin but avoid using anything with alpha or beta hydroxy acids as it can irritate your dry skin, and use a primer to brighten your face.

If you have a commitment that you cannot break and you have to pull yourself out of bed, though of course you should stay away from others if you are contagious, you need to look presentable. You are advised to use 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to heal a dry red nose, and you can conceal redness with a concealer. To create a healthy glow, use bronzer and blush to add color to your skin.

Another important tip, if you have a runny nose, use lotion- treated tissues to keep your nose from becoming more red and sore.

Your beauty routine and the flu season

Your beauty routine and the flu season

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