Eight Beauty Boosting Foods

Most of us focus more on beauty chemical topical products and neglect the magic of the right nutrition on the skin, beauty comes from within, what you eat and how healthy you eat will for no doubt reflect on your outside, sufficing your body with its needed vitamins and minerals will make your overall health in a better condition, if you want to know what foods that can boost your beauty significantly read the following.

1- Cabbage.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin A, E, and C which all are of amazing benefit for your hair and skin, indeed cabbage contain 11% more vitamin C than what present in orange, vitamin C helps to repair damaged skin cells and increase the production of collagen which grant the skin its elasticity.

2- Lemon.

Lemon helps to increase bile secretion in the liver which in turn helps to detoxify the body from any toxins and improve the digestion process, moreover lemon is rich with vitamin C which as we said is important for the collagen production in the skin.

3- Water.

Water alone is the beauty secret for many celebrities, staying hydrated keeps your skin looking youthful and healthy, because water promote the blood circulation in the body which makes every cell of your skin get fed properly.

4- Red Bell Pepper.

Red bell pepper is a super beauty booster, it is very rich with vitamin C and antioxidants, its high content of antioxidants help the skin to stay free of the damage of free radicals, it also help to prevent various diseases and cancers.

5- Carrots.

Being exposed to sun rays is harmful for the skin and may even lead to premature aging signs, however eating Carrots can help your skin be less sensitive to the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun due to its high content of carotenoid.

6- Sesame Seeds.

These little Seeds are rich in natural oils that moisturize the skin and hair from inside, they are rich in Zinc, protein and calcium which all are needed to maintain strong hair and keep hair fall at bay, one of the best and most delicious ways to eat sesame seeds is by eating tahini.

7- Chocolate.

Candy bars and chocolate often attribute to acne breakouts specially in teenagers, but that is mainly due to the high butter and sugar content, on the other hand, dark chocolate is a great source of flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants that will maintain your skin looking nourished and healthy.

8- Blueberries.

Blueberries are the richest type of fruits with antioxidants, which as we mentioned above keep your skin protected from the formation of premature aging signs, and also keep your over all health in a better condition.

Beauty Boosting Foods

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