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Beauty Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin And Hair

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of castor oil plant, it is used mainly for beauty purposes since ancient times, now it is a main ingredient in many cosmetic products, it’s beauty benefit mainly lays in its high content of ricinoleic acid which is an unsaturated mega-9 fatty acids that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Castor oil is also a rich source of vitamin E minerals, proteins and other substances that are of benefit for the skin and hair. Below is listed a few beauty benefits of castor oil.

1- Deeply Nourishes The Skin.

Castor oil is a heavy and deep moisturizer for dry skin, it penetrates deep into the skin layers moisturizing, softening and nourishing it. It also works very good with people with skin problems like dermatitis that can cause very rough, flaky and dry skin that hurts. Just apply a thin layer of it topically over your whole body after showering.

2- Reduces Wrinkles.

Wrinkles start to appear when the natural oil in the skin start to get produced less as we age which make the skin Les elastic and more suscpitble to form fine lines and wrinkles, however applying castor oil as a natural moisturizer will ensure that the skin is always deeply moisturized and nourished.

3- Promotes Hair Growth.

Besides moisturizing the skin castor oil is also of great benefit for the hair, it strengthen the hair strands, which prevents hair fall and in result you get a thicker hair volume. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil also helps maintaining healthy pH levels in the scalp which makes an unencouraging environment for Dandruff to form.

4- Thickens Eyebrows and Eyelashes.

You won’t need an eyebrow pencil or Mascara anymore, massaging your eyebrows and eyelashes with a thin layer of castor oil every night before going to bed will thicken the hair on both your eyebrows and eyelashes giving you an irrisitible look and charm.

Beauty Benefits Of Castor Oil For Skin And Hair

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