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Banana diet reduces your weight quickly and treats your depression

Banana diet was launched from Japan to invade the world due to its health benefits, especially that more than 77% of women around the world suffer from the lack of magnesium. One of the most celebrities who follow this diet is the supermodel Naomi Campbell who follows this diet 10 days as she eats 6 bananas a day with some vitamins and a lot of water.

The benefits of this diet are that it improves digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness as bananas contain a very high amount of starch, fiber and potassium, as well as vitamin B6.

Having bananas in breakfast helps in burning high amounts of calories. Also, it works as a suppressor for the appetite by reducing overeating throughout the day. Experts advise to avoid dairy products and sweets during banana diet in order to decrease calories by reducing the amount of fat and sugar in the body.

Scientific studies suggest that the banana diet protects the person against depression as it contains substances that improve the mood highly.

On the other hand, the banana diet has some drawbacks as it causes lowering blood sugar and limiting the abilities to practice some activities. Therefore, the period of the banana diet should not exceed two or three weeks maximum.

*Daily schedule:

– Breakfast: Eat between 1-3 bananas with a glass of warm water.

– Lunch: Any meal you choose but avoid fried foods that contain high fats.

– Snack: Between 3- 4 o’clock in the afternoon. You may snack on a small piece of dessert or a glass of fresh juice.

– Dinner: It must be light and healthy according to your choice and it may include some salad.

– You are allowed to have some bananas between meals provided that it does not exceed five bananas with drinking not less than 10 glass of water.

– Pay attention to the importance of chewing well and avoid consuming much of milk.

Banana diet reduces your weight quickly and treats your depression

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