Baked Potatoes Soup With Beef Bacon

Baked potato soup is a new recipe you can surprise your family with, it is very filling actually so it can be presented for lunch just alone or with some toast, or you can have it as a side dish for dinner, enjoy it the way you like . Check out below the ingredients you need and the directions to get it done.

– Ingredients.

One cup cooking cream.
1 1/4 kilo potato’s cut into cuped.
3/4 cup butter.
3/4 cup flour.
1/2 cup beef bacon.
1/4 fried beef bacon.
1/2 cup mozzarella and cheddar cheese mixed.
One large diced onion.
Two sliced scallions.
1/4 cup sliced celery.
A handful chopped fresh parsley .
2 liters chicken stock.
One liter milk.
Salt and pepper to taste.

– Directions.

Boil the potatoes in salted water and leave it aside.
In a frying pan add two tablespoons of vegetables oil and put the beef bacon for two minutes then add in the diced onion then the celery for three to five minutes or until slightly brown.

Remove the onion, beef bacon and celery out of the fat and in a large pot add the chicken stock, milk, onion, salary, beef bacon, salt and pepper and heat without boiling.

In another saucepan heat up the butter and add the flour gradually and keep on stirring for five minutes.
Add the butter and flour to the chicken stock mixture and wait until the soup thickens.

Add in the potatoes,cooking cream and Paresly and keep on stirring.
Serve the soup topped with the sliced scallions, beef bacon and cheese.

Baked Potatoes Soup With Beef Bacon

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