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Bad night habits can devastate your weight loss efforts

If you are on diet to lose weight, you will find that there’s never-ending temptation all day long and it does not end on evenings when you sit on the coach to watch T.V; your bad habits can ruin the healthy choices you maintained during the day. Mostly it is the time for snacks which is more like a habit, thus you should pay attention and fight this urge and instead drink a peppermint tea or green tea.

If you have your dinner early and you feel hungry later in the evening, it is OK to have a healthy low calorie snack- away from grilled cheese or peanut butter or other similar foods- that are easy to digest and cannot damage your regime.

When it is time for bed, remember that good night sleep is very important to give you energy for next day and to eat less; studies show that eating more is associated with getting less sleep.

For having a good sleep, you are advised to take a warm shower to soothe your muscles and to turn on some relaxing music to help you relax, and of course reading from a book is very helpful.

The first step to break our bad habits is to know them because recognizing bad eating habits can empower us to change them with good ones. The first bad habit is when you eat a big bag of chips very fast while watching TV. Another one is to eat lots of treats after dinner; you better know that eating after dinner should be avoided as much as possible.

Shopping while you are hungry can make you buy alluring unhealthy things to eat while shopping, so you are advised to eat something healthy before going for shopping. The last but not least is to prepare your healthy snacks to be at hand such as some carrots or fresh fruits.

Bad night habits

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