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Bad Habits That Cause You To Age Fast

Although aging is uninvited by all of us, it is a natural process that will happen one way or another to us all, we can’t stop aging from taking place, however we can slow down aging signs on the skin and the overall health by following healthy habits and ditching bad habits, the list below consists of the habits that are strongly linked with premature aging so acknowledge them and ditch them right away.

1- Smoking.

Smoking has several harmful effects on the health including accelerating aging signs on the skin, the harmful chemicals in cigarettes lead to breaking down in the skin cells collagen which cause the skin to look sagging, form fine lines, wrinkles and lacks in skin elasticity. Smoking also prevent oxygen from getting to skin cells which make them unhealthy, Discoloured and pale.

2- Drinking Excessively.

Alcohol prevent certain nutrients from getting absorbed by your body specially vitamin A and C which both work as powerful and essential antioxidants, when the body lacks on those two nutrients, immune system gets weakened, eye sight gets weakened and skin develop aging signs.

Alcohol is also a natural diuretic which causes your body to get rid of the water stored in its cells which can leave the skin dehydrated and unhealthy.

3- Long Exposure To Sun Rays.

Even if you love how the sun feels on your skin, you must limit the times you get exposed to the sun light as it works on drying up the natural moisture in the skin as well as weakening skin calls and blood vessels that nourishes the skin, it also leads to pigmentations and sunburns if you are not careful.

4- Lack Of Sleep.

Lack of sleep doesn’t only leave it’s impact on your mood and energy levels the next day but also on how your skin looks, regular nights with lack of sleep can make your skin age fast by many ways. First of all the elevated cotisol levels due to lacking Sleeps will worsen inflammations in the skin.
The skin actually repairs itself during sleep so lack of sleep means lack of preparing damaged cells.

Bad Habits That Cause You To Age Fast

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