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Your Baby Has Cradle Cap? Learn How to Treat It in 6 Simple Tips

Cradle cap is a common thing that happens to infants. It is what happens since they are still getting used to the surrounding environment. The oil glands in their scalps “over do it” resulting in some sort of flakes of dandruff. So if you are a new mom, and your baby has cradle cap, do not panic. You will learn here some simple and effective ways for treating cradle cap.

1- The most common way of treating and removing baby cradle cap is using oil. Rub oil lightly on your baby’s scalp then leave it on for 10 minutes. Then with a baby brush, brush off all the dandruff. This method is fool proof and you can use baby oil or natural oils, like olive and coconut oil.

2- Another way of treating baby cradle cap is simply washing your baby’s hair. Use a baby shampoo then brush the hair to remove the dandruff, also brush it once more after it dries out to get rid of all the dandruff. Some times you find that the cradle cap comes back, so try more of the methods in this article.

3- Vaseline is a great treatment for baby cradle cap. You just need to rub it lightly on your baby’s scalp and leave it for on some time. Then, when you bathe your child and wash his hair, you will find that the flakes are easily removed.

4- Omega 3 oils in your baby’s food will help him/her get rid of cradle cap. As a side note, Omega 3 oils are a well known treatment to many skin and hair problems. Use a medicine dropper to give your child 250 milligrams of Omega three oil daily.

5- Sometimes Baby cradle cap spreads into the skin around your baby’s scalp, like behind the ear, the back of its neck or even under the chin. If this happens you will need to ask your baby’s pediatrician for a hydrocortisone cream to cure the red spots in the skin and prevent baby cradle cap from spreading.

Your Baby Has Cradle Cap Learn How to Treat It in 6 Simple Tips

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