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Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Everybody knows that tea is amazingly great for you. It can stabilize your hormones, manage your blood sugar levels, and help you sleep peacefully at night. Did you know that tea is the 2nd most common drink worldwide while the drink that takes first place is water? Here are some amazing fun facts about tea.

1. Iced tea was created in a heat wave
America had its initial flavor of iced tea in 1904, in St. Louis at the World’s Fair. A tea salesman called Richard Blechynden was seeking to get people to drink his tea during a heat wave. In a last effort to make people try his tea, Blechynden dropped a bucket of ice into the tea and, and behold, iced tea was produced and became famous.

2. Tea was stolen from China by the British
Up till the 19th century, almost all the tea in the world was produced in China and the largest importer of tea was Great Brittan.

When sales between Great Britain and China became hard, the British stole tea plants from China, so they could try to grow it in different countries, like Kenya and India. Now, Kenya and India are two of the largest tea producing countries around the world, but China is yet the largest.

3. Tea can restore cells in the body.
Opposite to common belief, it’s not just green teas that have high levels of antioxidants, black teas do too. Black tea has polyphenols that can support our bodies to fight cancer, diabetes cardiovascular disease, and other diseases.

Isn’t tea an amazing drink? Do you drink tea on a daily basis? Let us know if you do, and have a cup-of-tea day.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

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