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Avoid these mistakes in your shower

All of us take showers without asking ourselves what is the right way for taking a shower. We do whatever comes to our minds whether to use a hot water or warm water. Also, taking a shower every day, or once in a week. Sometimes we are doing mistakes in the shower without knowing and here are some of our mistakes while using the shower.

1- One of our mistakes is taking a shower everyday. Shampooing and conditioning our hair everyday dries it up. Therefore, if you wash your hair too much, it will become oily and greasy. You should take a shower every other day and if you sweat a lot, you may just rinse your hair with water only to remove the dirt.

2- Most of the women spend too much time in the shower. Of course, we need much time in shampooing, conditioning, rinsing and moreover shaving. But, we shouldn’t stay too much in the shower as it will make our skin dry.

3- Changing your shampoo every now and then is a mistake you shouldn’t do. Changing shampoos too often have a bad effect on hair. Also, conditioning your hair is a very important step that you shouldn’t skip. Conditioner makes your hair softer and smoother.

4- Using too much shower gel strips your skin of the oils. Therefore, your skin will be itchy because of the dryness. Also, your skin will be liable to get eczema and other skin problems.

5- Don’t dry your body or hair violently with the towel. Harsh wiping damages your hair and irritates the skin. Drying yourself gently is the correct way for drying your face, body and hair.

mistakes in your shower

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